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    Explore our full range and find the tyre that makes you Ride with Confidence.

  • 45 Degree

    Racetrack performance. Perfectly adapted for the road.

  • Mountain Road

    ON/OFF-Road - Wherever the road takes you.

  • Multi Tread

    Compound Technology - Sportmax Roadsmart 2.


Finding the perfect tyre

Dunlop produces one of the most extensive ranges of two-wheeler and ATV tyres. We do so because we believe you should use a tyre that matches your bike, your preferences and riding ability perfectly.

Whether you're a club racer or adventure bike enthusiast, ride a high-performance sports bike, a Harley-Davidson or a commuter, we'll have the right tyre for you.

Some off-road riders use their bikes for weekend leisure activity, navigating tricky dirt tracks and technical rocky trails. Others use their bikes primarily on tarmac, while some do both. Our range caters for all of you.

Scooters are a popular and varied form of urban transportation. But commuting is no longer the only usage, as riders use their scooters for leisure as well looking for fun and excitement. Our extensive range covers any usage imaginable.

We invite you to explore our full range and find the tyre that makes you Ride with Confidence.

Dunlop Logo

Dunlop is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of high-performance tires. Dunlop is a brand owned by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, which employs approximately 73,000 people in 22 countries and produces nearly 200 million tires each year.

Dunlop's history (now approaching 125 years) traces back to the first pneumatic tire and the dawn of motor racing. That heritage is reflected in the design of every tire we make. Our focus on performance has led to numerous innovations and breakthrough technologies.

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Dunlop Tyres

Forever Forward

  • Sportsmart 2
  • Qualifier 2
  • Qualifier
  • Sportmax
  • Roadsmart 3
  • Roadsmart
  • Trailsmart
  • D212 GP PRO
  • KR106 / KR108
  • Scootsmart