Shark Helmets

15/08/2017 16:39


SHARK has promoted motorcycle racing as a focus of brand development ever since its creation. With a record that boasts over 60 world championships, SHARK has sponsored some of the greatest names in racing within both the MotoGP and Superbike disciplines. And it’s the feedback collected from their riders, under extreme conditions of speed, heat and humidity, that has served to draw conclusions leading to major product advances.

  • Racing Division

    SHARK offers top-end helmets, which are also worn by top-level riders, because there can be no compromise on safety at high speed. There riders are involved in all the product development phases and enable them to constantly innovate.

  • Pulse Division
    Pulse Division

    The Shark Sport range of racing style helmets use the technology created by their racing R&D.

  • Discovery Division
    Discovery Division

    Be ahead of your time. This range provides optimal safety and comfort for very long distance biking. In this case, Shark’s Research and Innovation Division has delivered a truly practical and modular range.

  • Metro Division
    Metro Division

    Clean lines and a stylish look, aworld of contemporary elegance. The Lifestyle range has a definite character and incorporates all of Shark’s cutting-edge technology in its authentic materials and shapes.

  • Specifications...

    Discover the very latest features Shark has to offer. Developed with the world's best motorcycle riders in extreme conditions of speed, heat and humidity, meaning all Shark helmets will meet and exceed your needs as a rider.

  • Carbon Fibre
    Carbon Fibre

    Constructed from carbon aramid fibre.

  • Total Vision
    Total Vision

    Outside anti-scratch & inside anti-fog visor treatment.

  • Removable Lining
    Removable Lining

    Use the delicates or cold cycle and place inside a washing net.

  • Shark Easy Fit
    Shark Easy Fit

    Optimal comfort for the persons wearing glasses.

  • Two Shell Sizes
    2 shell sizes

    Two shell sizes: optimal mor-phological adjustment.

  • Composite Fiber
    Composite Fiber

    Constructed from multiaxial glass fiber.

  • Pinlock®

    Anti-fog Original Pinlock® ready.

  • Sun Visor
    Sun Visor

    Integrated UV380 label & anti-scratch sun visor.

  • Sharktooth®
    Sharktooth bluetooth

    Planned location for SHARK-TOOTH®.

  • QRVS
    Quick Release Visor System

    Quick release visor system.

  • Injected Thermo Plastic
    Injected Thermo Plastic

    Constructed from injected thermoplastic resin.

  • Max Vision®
    Max Vision Pinlock

    Visor can be fitted with a Pin-lock Max Vision® film insert.

  • MLBC

    Micro lock buckle system.

  • King Size
    king size

    Optimized thicknesses of cheek pads and helmet padding.

  • Double Holologation
    king size

    Double homologation : full-face/jet.