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About Us

Our Passion

We love motorcycles as much as you do. Together, we share a passion for riding.
Riding makes us feel alive. It awakens all of the senses as we experience wind, rain and shine in a way that no other lifestyle or sport does.

Your passion is our passion, which is why we strive to provide only the best gear and accessories to enhance and improve experiencing what you love.

We know motorcycles inside and out, and understand that you need what's best for you to ensure safety and full capacity riding.

Our Heritage

The Cotter family have been involved in motorcycle racing since the late 1950's, and we have been providing the very best in motorcycle clothing since 1978.
It is in our blood to understand the importance of having safe, reliable and top quality brands to accompany your motorcycle.

We are everyday riders. We are track day organisers. We are experts. And we always have been.

Stacked with the Biggest brands

Different brands offer different variations of comfort, dexterity and style.
Because we understand that not one rider is exactly the same as another, we stock a range of top brands so that you can get all you need in one place.

We focus on the best brands, to save you the hassle of trawling the internet trying to find out which brands are worth thinking about.

Quality Product, Affordable Price

We don't think you should have to break the bank to be able to enjoy what you love.
We try to offer the best possible prices to help you in building your collection of clothing, accessories and parts. Because you deserve the best.

Offering value for money is one of our core objectives and we do our best to fulfill that.

Take a look around our website and find out how we can help you.