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Athena has developed a wide range of forged pistons specifically used in the OFF-ROAD / ATV market and manufactured by a revolutionary computerised technology coming from GP & F1races. Athena forged pistons offer the best solution in terms of performance and reliability, thanks to the redesigned squish areas, modified compressions and superficial treatments, which improve their fluidity. Piston kits are sold complete with rings, wrist pins and circlips.
•2-stroke pistons are made from 4032 silicium •4-stroke pistons are made from 2618 silicium – the same material used to produce Formula 1 pistons •Both include 3% copper in materials for better heat resistance •All pistons are forged using a precision heat-treatment process that allows for production tolerances of just 0.01mm •Forged piston kits are available in A, B and C sizing •Forged piston tooling allows for the lightest available product •Kits include antiwear coated piston, rings, pin and circlips
All ATHENA products, which are manufactured with higher displacement and power than those permitted by law of the country where the end user lives, are intended solely for competition-sports usage. Use on public roads as well as in aeronautics and marine is prohibited. ATHENA is not responsible for any different usage.The customer takes full responsibility that the distribution of the articles purchased from Athena is in line with the current regulations of his country and therefore frees Athena from whatever responsability in this matter.
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Brand Athena
Parts Material Silicium Alloy
Parts Model Piston Kit ø 64,5
Material Silicium Alloy
Parts Style Forged
Parts Style Dropdown Forged
Parts Type Piston Kit
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YAMAHA1976400RD 400
YAMAHA1977400RD 400
YAMAHA1978400RD 400
YAMAHA1979400RD 400
YAMAHA1973350RD 350
YAMAHA1975350RD 350
YAMAHA1974350RD 350
YAMAHA1984350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1986350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1985350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1982350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1983350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1981350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1980350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1998350YFZ 350
YAMAHA2002350YFZ 350
YAMAHA2001350YFZ 350
YAMAHA2000350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1999350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1990350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1990350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1988350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1988350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1989350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1989350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1987350RD 350 LC
YAMAHA1987350YFZ 350
YAMAHA2003350YFZ 350
YAMAHA2003350YFZ 350 LE
YAMAHA2004350YFZ 350
YAMAHA2004350YFZ 350 LE
YAMAHA1993350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1993350YFZ 350 MNH
YAMAHA1994350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1994350YFZ 350 MNH
YAMAHA1995350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1995350YFZ 350 MNH
YAMAHA1996350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1996350YFZ 350 MNH
YAMAHA1997350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1997350YFZ 350 MNH
YAMAHA1992350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1992350YFZ 350 MNH
YAMAHA1991350YFZ 350
YAMAHA1991350YFZ 350 MNH
YAMAHA2005350YFZ 350
YAMAHA2005350YFZ 350 SE
YAMAHA2006350YFZ 350
YAMAHA2006350YFZ 350 SE
YAMAHA2006350YFZ 350 SP

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