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EBC Organic Brake Pad - FA407

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Provide excellent stopping power without noise and rotor galling
Fingertip control and strong, predictable brake response
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Brand EBC
Parts Material Organic
Material Organic
Parts Model FA Series
Parts Style Street- and Superbike pads
Parts Style Dropdown Street- and Superbike pads
OEM # 34112314996; 34112310983; 34117663764; 34117655687; 34112331173; 34112314512; 34117658156; 34112333045;
Pads Per Package 2
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BMW19881000K1 1000
BMW20021200R 1200 C
BMW20021200R 1200 C ABS
BMW2002850R 850 R
BMW2002850R 850 R ABS
BMW1989100K 100 RS4V
BMW19891000K1 1000
BMW1997850R 850 R
BMW1997850R 850 RT
BMW19971200K 1200 RS
BMW19971200R 1200 C
BMW19971200R 1200 C ABS
BMW19971100K 1100 LT
BMW19971100R 1100 GS
BMW19971100R 1100 R
BMW19971100R 1100 RS
BMW19971100R 1100 RT
BMW19981200K 1200 RS
BMW19981200R 1200 C
BMW19981200R 1200 C ABS
BMW1998850R 850 C
BMW1998850R 850 C ABS
BMW1998850R 850 GS
BMW1998850R 850 GS ABS
BMW1998850R 850 R
BMW1998850R 850 R ABS
BMW1998850R 850 RT
BMW19981100K 1100 LT
BMW19981100R 1100 GS
BMW19981100R 1100 GS ABS
BMW19981100R 1100 R
BMW19981100R 1100 R ABS
BMW19981100R 1100 RS
BMW19981100R 1100 RS ABS
BMW19981100R 1100 RT
BMW19981100R 1100 S
BMW19981100R 1100 S ABS
BMW1990100K 100 RS4V
BMW19901100K 1100 LT
BMW19901000K1 1000
BMW1994100R 100 R
BMW199480R 80 R
BMW19941100K 1100 LT
BMW19941100K 1100 RS
BMW19941100R 1100 GS
BMW19941100R 1100 RS
BMW1995100R 100 R
BMW1995850R 850 R
BMW1995850R 850 RT
BMW19951100K 1100 LT
BMW19951100K 1100 RS
BMW19951100R 1100 GS
BMW19951100R 1100 R
BMW19951100R 1100 RS
BMW1996100R 100 R
BMW1996850R 850 R
BMW1996850R 850 RT
BMW19961100K 1100 LT
BMW19961100K 1100 RS
BMW19961100R 1100 GS
BMW19961100R 1100 R
BMW19961100R 1100 RS
BMW19961100R 1100 RT
BMW19931000K1 1000
BMW1993100R 100 R
BMW199380R 80 R
BMW19931100K 1100 LT
BMW19931100K 1100 RS
BMW19931100R 1100 GS
BMW19931100R 1100 RS
BMW19911100K 1100 LT
BMW19911000K1 1000
BMW199180R 80 R
BMW1991100K 100 RS4V
BMW1991100R 100 R
BMW19921000K1 1000
BMW199280R 80 R
BMW1992100K 100 RS4V
BMW1992100R 100 R
BMW19921100K 1100 LT
BMW19921100K 1100 RS
BMW19921100R 1100 RS
BMW20011150R 1150 GS
BMW2001150R 1150 GS
BMW20011200R 1200 C
BMW20011200R 1200 C ABS
BMW2001850R 850 R
BMW2001850R 850 R ABS
BMW2001850R 850 RT
BMW20011100R 1100 R
BMW20011100R 1100 R ABS
BMW20011100R 1100 RS
BMW20011100R 1100 RS ABS
BMW20011100R 1100 RT
BMW20001150R 1150 GS
BMW20001150R 1150 GS ABS
BMW2000150R 1150 GS
BMW2000150R 1150 GS ABS
BMW20001200K 1200 LT ABS
BMW20001200K 1200 RS
BMW20001200R 1200 C
BMW20001200R 1200 C ABS
BMW20001100R 1100 R
BMW20001100R 1100 R ABS
BMW20001100R 1100 RS
BMW20001100R 1100 RS ABS
BMW20001100R 1100 RT
BMW20001100R 1100 S
BMW20001100R 1100 S ABS
BMW2000850R 850 C
BMW2000850R 850 C ABS
BMW2000850R 850 GS
BMW2000850R 850 GS ABS
BMW2000850R 850 R
BMW2000850R 850 R ABS
BMW2000850R 850 RT
BMW19991150R 1150 GS
BMW19991150R 1150 GS ABS
BMW1999150R 1150 GS
BMW1999150R 1150 GS ABS
BMW19991200K 1200 LT ABS
BMW19991200K 1200 RS
BMW19991200R 1200 C
BMW19991200R 1200 C ABS
BMW1999850R 850 C
BMW1999850R 850 C ABS
BMW1999850R 850 GS
BMW1999850R 850 GS ABS
BMW1999850R 850 R
BMW1999850R 850 R ABS
BMW1999850R 850 RT
BMW19991100R 1100 GS
BMW19991100R 1100 R
BMW19991100R 1100 R ABS
BMW19991100R 1100 RS
BMW19991100R 1100 RS ABS
BMW19991100R 1100 RT
BMW19991100R 1100 S
BMW19991100R 1100 S ABS

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With a worldwide work force of over 400 people, EBC Brakes is an independently owned and managed leader in the brake market, proud of it’s customers, it’s products, it’s success and its people. EBC Brakes produce the largest range of brake pads and brake discs in the world, with over 5000 part numbers for every type of moving vehicle. EBC Brakes are made in one of its two specialist factories in the UK and USA. The majority of EBC brake discs or brake rotors are also made in the UK.

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